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Name: Gawain Renfrew Robards
Age: 53 (post-war)
Birthday: October 13, 1951
Blood: Half
Wand Type: 10 ½” -- Unicorn tail – Olive tree
Patronus: Clouded Leopard
Affiliations: Ministry of Magic - Auror. Harbors some Ravenclaw house pride, but not much.
Height: 5’7”
Weight: Average
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Light brown, short. Graying and thinning somewhat.
Face: Expressive, but structurally quite unremarkable. Some nicks here and there, but nothing obstrusive. General wear. Clean-shaven.
Build: Somewhat on the small side.
Defining Marks: A number of scars, none of which he tends to dwell on. The most obvious of these include one that runs across the back of his left hand, and another up the same arm.
Dress Style: Formal, exact. Nothing overwhelming, and usually in darker colors.
Manner of Speech: Calm, controlled. Generally devoid of any sharpness of command.
Manner of Movement: Carefully, though not without purpose. If necessary, he is able to move fairly well without detection.
Physical Health: All things considered, not bad at all. His work as an Auror has left him in decent condition, though there are pains to accompany war injuries. Gawain has also developed some amount of general stiffness. He is often more deeply exhausted than he would ever care to let on; as with so much else, it is to be expected. And as a side-note, he favors his left hand, even after the injury.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Children: One daughter, Cecelia, currently nineteen years old.
Family History: Welsh background. Hails from a generally lower middle-class family. Marriage with Elaine lasted for a number of years, broken when work began to take too much time. ((More to come on this soonish, hopefully.))
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert, partly as a result of his employment history. He can certainly get along on his own and at times prefers a bit of solitude.
Fears: On a broad level, fears the collapse of wizarding society, that they will forget the pains that such foolish strife has caused them. Worries over his daughter quite often, though he tries to keep (and ocassionally succeeds in keeping) from being overbearing about this. On a more personal level, he fears that he may have aided in pushing the war to its more drastic points.
Mental Health: Stable. More cynical and even somewhat paranoid after the war and its effects, and he has certain nagging doubts that cause some concern, but generally well-adjusted.
Quirks/Habits: Doesn’t like to sit still for too long when he knows that there’s work to do elsewhere, though he keeps this from showing. Somewhat obsessive about keeping his fingernails clean. Also has a tendency to bite or chew on his lip.
Likes: Reading. Quiet evenings. Rain. Tea. Coffee, if made well. Companionship and conversation.
Dislikes: Irrationality. Useless losses. Coffee, if made poorly.
First Impression: Typically? Collected, knowledge, an unflappable father figure of sorts.
Philosophy of Life: We are bound to meet with troubles; best to work through and overcome these as best we can, united if possible. Accept what you must and fight for the more important causes.

[note that the above was originally written for the application for Stoatshead Hill, a post-war game on insanejournal. Hoping to update the information as Gawain is able to venture forth.]


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